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Maybe you’re a bit skeptical. WHICH IS GOOD...because that's lesson numero uno in this media business:

"Show me da proof."

(In other words, when you talk to the media, you better be ready to show some proof to bolster your stance or claims. Thank me later for that tip. ;)

H'okay, then... *pushes her glasses up*

Hi, I'm Stephanie Lee.

I've published literally hundreds upon hundreds of articles on the internet since 2002. From big-time, niche blogs all the way to mainstream media. And in print, too!

My article in the Sunday paper of The New York Times.

Having been an editor and writer, I've been on both sides of the publishing table. And I use this intimate knowledge and experience to help a wide variety of entrepreneurs, online creators, influencers, experts, etc. with media strategy, including helping launch an entrepreneur's book to the New York Times best-selling list the week of its release:

And I help students and clients land their dream publications.

No matter who you are, what your industry, or why you want press, helping you find a way into the media is pretty much my thing.

I mean, after all...

The people I work with and my own writing have been in juuuuust a few places 😉:

“Stephanie helped me break into the mainstream. When I got to writing for Lifehacker, Thrillist, and other websites, I stopped having trouble filling my group coaching programs."

Dick Talens  
Growth hacker & cofounded Fitocracy (acquired 2016).
Featured in Lifehacker, Thrillist, and more.

“If you want to establish yourself as a thought leader and drive your personal or professional brand forward, work with Stephanie. In a world of online pretenders, she is the real deal."

Aaron Orendorff 
VP of Marketing at Common Thread Collective.
Featured in Fast Company, Mashable, and more.

"Stephanie is a pro in every sense: knowledgeable, easy to work with, and has a knack for explaining even complex topics to the everyman."

Whitson Gordon
Former Editor-in-Chief of Lifehacker

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